Smart Infra

An AI Driven approach to simplify and offer highly professional digital infrastructure optimization. Worried about setting up a dedicated team, huge investment and complexities? Here we help you get going in one day – no technical expertise, no change/addition in infra, no complications. Start taking control of Digital Infra Optimization at NO EXTRA COST.

Asset Management

Hardware inventory & software license management, software compliance (whitelisting & blacklisting), asset lifecycle and cost management, warranty & services tracking.

Performance Monitoring

Hardware performance and resource utilization reporting for qualified decisions on asset upgradation, reallocation and refresh.

Asset Health & Patch Management

Monitor hardware health including heating, battery, voltage etc. Centralised software patching with bandwidth throttling and real time critical patching.

Energy Management

AI powered energy management to save upto 50% power and extend battery life. Saves energy cost and improve sustainability.

Endpoint Security Management

Report on endpoint Security/AV/Firewall health. File & Registry monitoring. Over 300 Security Policy & Compliance monitoring and enforcement.

Remote Remediation

Remote remediation and healing from central console based in anomalies detection. Bulk remediation for group of machines.

Employee Productivity

Automatic time sheet with active/idle time. Application wise usage hours.

Print Management

Managed both Network & Desktop printers across the devices. Printer activity & idleness, cartridge health, paper usage tracking, user wise analytics.