Digital Security has to be seen in a unified manner covering data, applications, end-points, network, transactions and digital footprint. Design has to match the business profile – threat – budget matrix to evolve what fits best for you. As an IT security services provider, HRM team designs & implements what the best fit solution.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security sits at every endpoint protecting from virus, malwares, data leakage etc. millions of endpoint work in sync with AI Driven clouds to mitigate advance threats from ever active darknet.

Network Security

Network security devices handle network & internet traffic for possible threats – automated attacks, compromised users, espionage attempts etc.

Back Up Plan

Back Up Plan to ensure digital infrastructure can bounce back quickly from a disaster -breach, ransomware attack, accidental outrage or specific sabotage by disgruntled internal workers or natural cause. Data backup to infrastructure backup, local to cloud to hybrid it can be structured in many ways.

Policy Management

Policy Management for Identity, Access control, Application Security etc forms important part of security framework.

Security Management

Security Management becomes crucial, especially for larger networks with hundreds of devices and tons of data flowing. NOC / SOC / SIEM, VA/PT and Audit are structured for proper management.