Take Control in 1 Day

Can we take control of say 500 endpoints in 1 Day? Sound impossible. That’s what we worked with Vigyan labs to deliver without the need for complex dedicated setup, prerequisite, or even a network. The Endpoints should have access to the internet that’s it.
We worked at three levels to make it work.

1. Unified Endpoint Agent with triple duty of monitoring and execution. Monitor all the critical aspects of the machine, log and report the server. Take commands from the server and execute as advised. Application sensitive, context sensitive hardware control. All this without hampering the performance.

2. A cloud-hosted server with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to convert this data into Actionable Intelligence Dashboard. Planning framework for patches, policy setting up, remediation action etc. to enable quick remediation at the endpoints.

3. A seamless and simple architecture requiring just an internet connection at the endpoint to connect with the Server. Eliminate the requirement of machine being networked.

Just 3 Steps and you are done:

Login to your server and see the magic.
The Actionable Dashboards shows Under/Over utilized machines, heated machines, Blacklisted Software Installations, Essential Software missing, System Errors, Security Policy Violation, Printer Abuse, and other important aspects. It allows for granular insight into historical trends and also allows the launch of corrective measures right from there. It also helps overall monitoring of hardware & software assets, employee productivity, printer utilization, energy management etc.
The Endpoint not only provides the monitoring data to the server, it also implements what it is instructed to.
For the new age service provider, an integrated dashboard to put all his customers in one place.
Did we mention that it can help save up to 40% energy bill and also allows the battery to last longer.
So go ahead and take charge now!