Boost Your AMC Business

I have a nostalgic memory of AMC business – schedule monthly/quarterly visits, vacuum cleaning, running some software test, changing faulty parts, and getting the visit report signed. Or to initiate a call initiated by a customer complaint. A decade back it upgraded a bit with remote support over the internet.
Many of us wished if we can have constant monitoring of the client’s endpoint offering insights and early signs of trouble. Information to act upon. Kind of dashboards shown in Hollywood movies or sci-fi series. For midsize companies and service providers, it has been just like day dreaming.
We teamed up with Vigyan labs to make this a reality. MSME can now manage their end points like professional enterprises and MSME service providers can migrate from AMC terminology to MSP (managed service provider) terminology. All this without any capital expenditure, change in infrastructure or complicated learning curve. And all of this at extremely competitive prices.
Just Imagine, you can onboard your customers in a single day without any complications. Just create the account, get the customer download and install the agent on every end point. Done. Customer endpoints are all under control. Your customer will be pleasantly surprised and happy to see his infrastructure professionally organised.
As a service provider, all your customers are visible in your dashboard. You can log in and immediately know all exceptions – system errors, software policy violation, security policy issues, update issues, hardware utilization etc.
You can initiate remediation, patching, and policy changes all from here.
You can make weekly/monthly reports and send an advisory to your customers.
So it’s a win-win. The insight helps the customer take qualified decisions, reduce downtime, and get their infrastructure better protected.
As a service provider, you quickly move up from AMC business to MSP business without any CAPEX requirement or expensive skill building program.
Some of our partners completed the journey from AMC to MSP in just 7 Days. Get onboard.